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Tahya Masr

  • كواليس برنامج ذكرياتي - تكليف باسناد البرنامج بمفردي وتولي مهامه
  • كواليس برنامج ذكرياتي - حلقة المخرج سمير سيف
  • كواليس برنامج ذكرياتي - حلقة الفنانة كوثر شفيق
  • كواليس برنامج ذكرياتي - الموافقة باجماع الاراء على تولي مهام البرنامج وثقة اعتز بها

Tahia Misr (in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth)

An interactive service program directed to young people. It broadcasts a project with the Ministry of Youth and Sports from Sunday to Thursday, from ten in the morning until eleven in the morning.


working team:

Presentation by journalist writer Amani Dergham – radio broadcaster Ali Murad

Prepared by Syed Abdul Aziz – Hakim Al-Wasifi

Air acoustic engineering team

Directed by Dr. Mohamed Lotfy – Tamer Shehata

Production from June 2017 to June 2019


My memories of this work:


 A new episode of the Tahya Masr program on the air of the general program radio, and the guest Read more