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Radio Fonon FM

Radio Funun is a radio affiliated with a production company and an educational academy. I was assigned to create the technical and programming structure according to a specific budget, which includes designing the website and technical and programming operation of Radio Funun. This is also one of the projects that I implemented its own programming as a 24-hour operation that relies on the latest Complete automated programming technology, through which it provided all radio services, including programming and running content, including automatic daily programs, which are called AutoDG systems with Automation systems. They work intelligently through which you can manage the entire station through content that works automatically without the need Because of the presence of a human element, it also maintained the highest quality of broadcast, quality, and complete accuracy in the times listed on the map. In fact, through it you can intervene in the choices, such as a singer, the nature of the song, and the break, so that you can control the repetition times during a certain period, and also integrated programming to display the advertising content at fixed times that depend on it. On artificial intelligence.

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