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The Egyptian Council of Ministers and the “NCHR” are investigating National Media Authority violations of human rights The Egyptian Council of Ministers and the N.C.H.Rights are investigating National Media Authority violations of human rights

The Presidency of the Egyptian Council of Ministers and the National Council for Human Rights No 1079 are investigating the National Media Authority in Cairo to respond to the “deliberate” violations and attacks committed against “Sayed Abdel Aziz” in violation of the law and the constitution and attacks on authorities and public property, in addition to human rights violations within the Egyptian radio sector. The authority reported that it had been sent to the competent sector, “the Egyptian Radio Sector,” to respond. (Investigation No. 1079)

I confirm that I am waiting for their Excellency’s response, and I will respond to it with thanks – if the error was unintentional – or with all the papers, evidence and documents that were obtained, proving the facts.

I hope that the decision of Mr. Mohamed Lotfy, head of the network, and Mr. Mohamed Nawar, head of the sector, was issued inadvertently, and not with the aim of excluding me from the scene of events, from other violations or attacks within the sector.

What was observed is just a passing thing, outside the nature and methodology of the administration’s internal policy, and that they have good intentions for reform based on my implementable proposals, and in my presence.

I had previously requested to submit my administrative and technical proposals that would serve the radio sector, preserve its gains, and preserve public money from diversion. The Chairman of the Authority kindly sent the request No 9136 to the Head of the Radio Sector, and it was presented to him fifteen days before he issued his decision to exclude me.

Which made me doubt, in the utmost innocence, that he did not notice what was presented to him, and issued the decision inadvertently, knowing with certainty that my loyalty, since I was a young investigative journalist, was to the public interest, public money, and the state, and that the honorable gentleman was one day a witness to this, more than 10 years ago. Years after I joined the sector more than 14 years ago.

– We will provide you with all the details later.
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