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In Rehab Ramadan – Episode IV – Sheikh Taha Al-Fashni with Wael Al-Fashni

A special episode of the “In Rehab Ramadan” program, in its fourth and last episodes, with the artist “Wael El-Fashni” about Sheikh Taha El-Fashni, memories and history fragrant with the fragrant biography and a side of religious and Ramadan chant.

Episode guest

  • Artist/ Wael El-Fashni.



Radio Presentation / Safia Sabri

Prepared and written by / Sayed Abdel Aziz

Editing / Bayoumi Ahmed

In Rehab Ramadan is a weekly program that is broadcast at midnight on Wednesday every week on the waves of the general programme.

General program radio frequencies


Categories : اذاعة البرنامج العام الحلقات المسجله في رحاب رمضان

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