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Good evening, Egypt – Variety episode

A special episode of the “Good Evening, Egypt” program, during which we presented singing, information and culture

Episode guests

  • Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Murr.
    Dr. Ghada Heshmat
    Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad
    Mr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz



Radio Presentation / Omaima Mahran

Editor-in-Chief / Syed Abdel Aziz

Directed by / Dr. Mahmoud Mahgoub

Air Engineering / Raafat Moussa


Behind the scenes of the episode and my memories with it
I was almost mad from an emotional crisis that overshadowed all my choices in the episode of songs, so I presented a song for the guitar, Laila Murad, in a rare high-quality studio recording. And I thought that my choices were dominated by the nature of sadness, grief and reproach, and I invested my feelings and feelings in conveying it to the listener, and I thought that it was not successful, but I was surprised by a large response and response from the listeners and an unexpected response from communications and messages.

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