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Good evening, Egypt – the scientist, Dr. Mohamed El-Nashaei, professor of physics and nanotechnology scientist Episode 2

Episode 2 of the “Good Evening, Egypt” program with the scientist Dr. “Mohamed Salah Al-Nashei”, a professor at the Solvay Foundation for Nature and Chemistry at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, and a visiting professor at six of the world’s universities, including the universities of Cairo, Mansoura and Alexandria in Egypt.

The scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2005 said about him, “He stated that the award had gone wrong, and it should have gone to Dr. Muhammad Al-Nashaei.” And the Chinese Minister of Education said about him, “He is the most important figure in the twenty-first century.”
Unforgettable history and memories and honorable moments and stations in the history of the world. We talk about science and its applications in the field of nanotechnology. We present the new in our dialogue in “Good evening, Egypt.”

Episode guest

  • Dr. Mohamed El-Nashaei, Professor of Physics and Nanotechnology.



Radio Presentation / Maha Hassan

Editor-in-Chief / Sayed Abdel Aziz

Air Engineering / Rafat Moussa


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